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2013 Cancer Prevention and Control Meeting:

"Making a Difference Across Communities: Putting the State Plan into Action"

Over 150 NYSCC members and partners attended this day-long meeting in Latham, NY on September 19, 2013. Participants received information and resources from national, state and local experts to enhance their own cancer prevention, early detection, treatment, survivorship, and research activities.

Keynote Speakers (including video!)
The Burden of Cancer in NYS
Plenary Session I
Plenary Session II
Breakout Sessions

Keynote Speakers

"Cancer Prevention and Control: The CDC Perspective"
Dr. Marcus Plescia, Director of Cancer Prevention and Control, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Video of the Presentation

"New York State of Health: The Official Health Plan Marketplace"
Sherry Tomasky, MA, Director of Stakeholder Engagement External Affairs, Outreach and Marketing, New York State Health Benefit Exchange, New York State Department of Health
Video of the Presentation

The Burden of Cancer in New York State

"NYS Cancer Burden"
Maria J. Schymura, PhD, Director, Bureau of Cancer Epidemiology and New York State Cancer Registry, New York State Department of Health; Gina O'Sullivan, MPH, Evaluation Specialist, Bureau of Chronic Disease Evaluation and Research, New York State Department of Health

Plenary Session I: Cancer Prevention and Control in Action

"Plan Priority Area: Cancer Prevention and Health Promotion- Focus on Obesity and Cancer Prevention"
Mary McFadden, BS, CPH, Supervising Public Health Educator, Broome County Health Department

"Plan Priority Area: Early Detection- Focus on Increasing Cancer Screening Rates in Underserved Populations"
Pamela Ferrari, RN, Director of Performance Improvement and Clinical Knowledge Support, Open Door Family Medical Center, Inc.

Plenary Session II: Cancer Prevention and Control in Action

"Plan Priority Area: Survivorship- Providing Appropriate Follow-up Care and Post-Treatment Support to Cancer Survivors"
Mary McCabe, MA, Director, Memorial Sloan-Kettering's Cancer Survivorship Initiative and member of American Society of Clinical Oncology Survivorship sub-group

"Plan Priority Area: Treatment- Improving Care Quality for Medicaid Women with Non-Metastic Breast Cancer"
Dr. Foster Gesten, Medical Director, Office of Quality and Patient Safety, New York State Department of Health; Victoria Wagner, MS, Research Scientist, Bureau of Outcomes Research, New York State Department of Health

"Plan Priority Area: Palliative Care- What is Palliative Care and How Does it Relate to the Field of Cancer?"
Joan Dacher, PhD, RN, Professor, Sage College and Chair of the New York State Cancer Consortium Palliative Care Committee

Breakout Sessions

"Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan Strategies that could be Implemented in your Community"

"Facilitating Policy Change through Community Education and Mobilization"

"Patient Navigation/Care Coordination"

"The Case for Palliative Care in Cancer Care"

"Survivorship: Beyond Initial Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment"



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