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New York State Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan

The New York State Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan 2012-2017 was created by the NYS Cancer Consortium (NYSCC) and is meant as a guide to identify and address the cancer burden in NYS. The Plan serves as a framework for the NYSCC, professionals and interested parties in the coming years as they engage in actions and initiatives to ease the burden of cancer in local communities and across the state.

The Plan has identified six priority areas, which represent the cancer care continuum, including: Health Promotion and Cancer Prevention, Early Detection, Treatment, Survivorship, Palliative Care, and Health Care Workforce. Each priority area section includes measurable objectives; suggested strategies; and evidence-based, evidence-informed, best practices and promising practices.

Whether you are a member of the NYSCC, a health care professional, an employee at a cancer-related community based organization, a researcher, a cancer survivor, a friend, family member or caregiver of someone diagnosed with cancer or an individual interested in becoming involved, using this Plan as a guide, you can play a role to address the cancer burden in NYS.

It must be recognized that no one organization or individual can be responsible for all the work contained within this document. As such, we encourage you to download a copy of the New York State Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan 2012-2017 and contact us to find out how your organization can become involved in easing the cancer burden in NYS.

Download Plan

Download the entire Plan (pdf format)

Download Plan Sections (COMING SOON!)

Letter from the Commissioner, Chart, What New Yorkers Can Do

Goal of Cancer Prevention and Control Efforts, Guiding Principles, Executive Summary, Structure of the Plan

The Burden of Cancer in NYS (includes: Cancer in NYS, Cancer Disparities, NYS Demographics)

Health Promotion and Cancer Prevention

Early Detection



Palliative Care

Health Care Workforce

*Additional sources relating to the Plan can be found by clicking on 'How Can You Help?' in the right hand menu.


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