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Communications Toolkit

In an effort to increase knowledge and utilization of the New York State Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan (the Plan) and the New York State Cancer Consortium (NYSCC), the NYSCC Communications Committee has developed the following toolkit. This toolkit includes:

General information on the Plan and its creation;

Background information about the NYSCC and its activities;

Key messages for members of the NYSCC;

Talking points;

Guidelines and templates for press releases, letters to the editor, and social media posts.

Section 1- The Plan

Cancer Prevention and Control Guiding Principles

Overarching Goals & Priority Areas

Measurable Objectives Listed in the NYS Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan (2012-2017)

Section 2- The NYSCC

About the NYSCC

NYSCC Mission and Vision

NYSCC Organizational Chart

Roster of NYSCC Members and Member Affiliations

Section 3- Promotion of the Plan

Talking Points


Tips for Writing Letters to the Editor/Samples

Suggested Social Media Posts (Coming Soon)

How to Write a Press Release/Samples

Advocacy Toolkit (Coming Soon)


Monday, June 26, 2017
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