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Welcome to the New York State Cancer Consortium!

The New York State Cancer Consortium (NYSCC) is a network of individuals and organizations that collaborate to address the cancer burden in New York State. The NYSCC and its members are guided by the strategic plan, the NYS Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan 2012-2017, which outlines objectives and suggested strategies to reduce the burden of cancer in NYS. We hope you use this site to learn more about cancer in New York and to further your own organization's efforts to decrease the cancer burden for all New Yorkers. To learn more about the NYSCC and the benefits of membership in the NYSCC click here.

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April is National Cancer Control Month!

“I encourage citizens, government agencies, private businesses, nonprofit organizations, and other interested groups to join in activities that will increase awareness of what Americans can do to prevent and control cancer.” –Barrack Obama

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Recent Resources

National Cancer Control Month Social Media Toolkit: Designed to help public health professionals establish a social media strategy for National Cancer Control Month.  Includes tips and sample messaging along with other social media resources and tools.

Minority Cancer Awareness Week Social Media Toolkit: Designed to help public health professionals establish a social media strategy for Minority Cancer Awareness Week.  Includes tips and sample messaging along with other social media resources and tools.

Accelerating Health Equity for the Nation:  The US Department of Health and Human Services Office of Minority Health is trying to raise awareness of health disparities that continue to affect racial and ethnic minorities and how they are working to accelerate health equity.

New York State 2016 Enacted Budget Summary:  This summary includes several key cancer related wins in the $147.2 billion budget.

World Cancer Declaration, 2013:  In 2013, global leaders in cancer control created a declaration calling upon government leaders and health policy-makers to significantly reduce the global cancer burden.  The Union for International Cancer Control is encouraging advocacy for universal vaccination programs covering cancer causing infections as stated in the World Cancer Declaration.

Annual Report to the Nation on the Status of Cancer:  This 2016 report by the American Cancer Society, CDC, NCI and the North American Association of Central Cancer Registries shows that death rates continue to decline for all cancers combined, as well as for most cancer sites for men and women of all major ethnic and racial populations.  Liver cancer rates, however have increased death rates and sharply increased cancer incidence rates. 

Stat Shot: Youth Exposure to Tobacco Marketing Remains High:  Data from the NYS Tobacco Youth Survey indicate that 85% of high school students were aware of tobacco related ads in convenience stores, supermarkets, gas stations or pharmacies in 2014 and 79% were aware of pro-tobacco marketing via the internet.  This is a statistically significant increase from 58% awareness of pro-tobacco marketing via the internet in 2000.

Lung Cancer Screening Tools: The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality has released tools: to be used by patients before a visit with a health care professional to discuss lung cancer screening; to be used by the patient and health care professional together to help guide shared decisionmaking; to be used by the health care professional in preparation for a shared decisionmaking visit regarding lung cancer screening with LDCT, and; to be used by the health care team during and after the shared decisionmaking visit.

NYS Colon Cancer Media Campaign:  The NYS colon cancer multi-media campaign launched in early March.  30 second video PSAs are available on the link.

Melanoma/Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month Social Media Toolkit:  Designed to help public health professionals establish a social media strategy built around Melanoma/.Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month in May.

New York State Comprehensive Cancer Control Dashboard: This interactive, web-based Dashboard will be used to monitor progress of cancer prevention and control efforts in NYS and to guide organizations working toward cancer prevention and control to areas most in need of intervention. The Dashboard provides information on twenty-four of the health promotion, cancer prevention and early detection indicators identified in the New York State Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan, 2012-2017.

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Member Opportunities

2016 Dialogue for Action- Registration Open: “Progress & Prospects in Cancer Screening & Prevention” is an annual national conference that convenes a diversity of stakeholders committed to realizing the lifesaving potential of cancer screening for all communities.  Registration is open for this event to take place in Baltimore, MD.

Supportive Care Training Programs: Practical Approaches to Complex Problems:  2-3 day workshops are available in order “to transform the health care system by maximizing compassionate expertise one professional at a time.  Biopsychosocial Screening Workshop (September 20-October 1) in NYC and Building, Implementing and Evaluating Supportive Care Programs Workshop (November 4-6) in NYC both are open for applications.

NYSPHA’s 2016 Day at the Capitol:  NYSPHA is hosting a day with law makers to educate about the importance of public health.  If you are not allowed to lobby, you can participate by educating about health benefits of public health interventions.  Registration is required.

NYS Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan Revision:  The NYSCC Steering Committee has begun to look at and plan for revision of the 2012-2017 NYS Comp. Cancer Plan.  There will be numerous opportunities for NYSCC members to take part, including reviewing current plan sections for updating and revising objectives.  Opportunities will be listed in the “Member Opportunities” section of the monthly BLAST emails.  Stay tuned!

NYSCC Member Program Directory: If your program is not listed, click on the link to provide information.

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